Upright Citizens Brigade and Callisto Partner to Combat Sexual Assault


Shows featuring Rachel Bloom, Chris Redd and Eliza Skinner among others to be held on April 23rd in Los Angeles and April 24th in New York

(NEW YORK, NY)– April 17, 2017– The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre will host two fundraisers during Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April) in support of their partnership with Callisto, a nonprofit that creates technology to combat sexual assault by empowering survivors to make the reporting decisions that are right for them.   The fundraisers will be held on Sunday, April 23rd in Los Angeles and on Monday, April 24th in New York.

Fundraising from these events will support Callisto’s efforts to reach more students across the country.  Upright Citizens Brigade will also become the first training center to adopt Callisto’s online reporting and documentation tool, which currently operates on seven college campuses in the United States.  The tool will be available at UCB by summer of 2017.

“The Upright Citizens Brigade continually strives to provide a space where our members are free to develop their comedic voices without fear of sexual violence, harassment or retaliation.  Our partnership with Callisto gives us a unique opportunity to support our students and performers while creating a more equitable culture in comedy,” said Marissa Tunis, UCB’s Director of Support & Counseling.

“We are thrilled to receive the support of Upright Citizens Brigade in our mission to empower survivors of sexual assault,” said Tracey Vitchers, Callisto’s Chief Development Officer.  “UCB’s leadership will be critical in informing our efforts to reach more students, wherever they are, with the means to take control of their reporting and documentation experience.”

The fundraisers, Enthusiastic Consent: A Comedy Show To Stop Perverts, will be held in Los Angeles on Sunday, April 23rd at UCB Sunset at 9:00PM featuring Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Chris Redd (Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping), Eliza Skinner (writer on The Late Late Show with James Corden), Beth Stelling (Red Oaks, writer on Crashing) and Jenny Yang (Disoriented Comedy, The Comedy Comedy Festival: A Comedy Festival), among others.  It will be held in New York on Monday, April 24th at UCB Theatre East Village at 9:30PM featuring Shannon O’Neill (Artistic Director of The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre NY), Lindsay Calleran (Harold Team, By the Book!), Lydia Hensler (Asssscat 3000), Jackie Jennings (host of School Night at UCB Chelsea), Molly Gaebe (Harold Team, Women and Men), Maritza Montanez (UCBT Living Room: The Next Generation) and Arti Gollapudi (host of LAWL at New Women Space).

All of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to Callisto, which envisions a world where survivors get the support they need, authorities have the information required to take action and sexual violence is deterred from happening in the first place.

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Callisto is a non-profit that creates technology to combat sexual assault and empower survivors. It provides an online documentation and reporting tool with three options for survivors: to record sexual assault, to report electronically to authorities, and to only report if the perpetrator is identified by another user. For more information, visit: projectcallisto.org


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Callisto Data Not Affected by Cloudbleed

You may have heard about a recent security incident at Cloudflare, a service used by Callisto to improve loading speeds and avoid DDOS attacks. Cloudflare has reached out to us to let us know Callisto websites are not known to have had any private data exposed in the leak.

This is a good time to remember some general Internet security tips:

  • use a password manager like 1Password or LastPass so you can safely store unique random passwords
  • change your passwords on a regular basis
  • if you are not using a tool to create strong random passwords, be aware of people around you and what information they have access to when creating passwords (that is, your cat’s name is probably not a great password)

We care very much about our users’ privacy and security and will continue to proactively monitor this situation. Thank you for trusting Callisto.

How to not be a jerk to sexual assault survivors

two cartoon figures hugging
Picture by Flickr user Metro Centric

This week, people from all walks of life are sharing their personal stories of sexual assault. Many are sharing publicly for the first time.

For many survivors, the first disclosure is the hardest, and it sets the tone for telling others in the future. Coming forward to name an assailant is never easy. Whether this person is a powerful public figure or not, it takes bravery and courage for a survivor to speak out.

If you find yourself in a position where someone is telling you about a nonconsensual sexual experience, it is imperative to be supportive. Here are 6 simple ways to respond when someone discloses sexual assault.

How to not be a jerk to sexual assault survivors

  1. Believe them.
  2. Don’t press them for details that they pretty obviously don’t want to give. Ask “do you want to tell me more about it?” not “what exactly happened?”
  3. Don’t pressure them into labeling their experience the way you want it to be labeled or taking action you want them to take.
  4. For crying out loud, do not share with anyone else that they are a survivor, who their assailant was, or any details about the assault without their permission. Yes, I know this is hard. Deal with it.
  5. They’re still the same person they were before they told you- treat them like it.
  6. Remember, it’s not about you.

For a more robust list, check out this article in the Guardian.

Want to help create a more supportive world for survivors? Donate to Callisto.